Motel Trogir at the Young Artists Biennial

slobodne veze //loose associations

SPLIT 3_ tura_ jun 2015

Motel Trogir: Alice doesn’t live here anymore

Milano, 22.1- 22.11. 2015.

U Milanu, od 22. listopada do 22. studenoga, održava se Bijenale mladih Europe i Mediterana- Mediterranea 17, na kojem se predstavlja i projekt Motel Trogir i hrvatski umjetnici Igor Juran, Bojan Mrđenović i Ana Zubak.

Početkom godine započela je suradnja Bijenala mladih umjetnika Europe i Mediterana s udrugom Slobodne veze/ timom MOTEL TROGIR projekta, usmjerenog na očuvanje i zaštitu trogirskog motela Ivana Vitića. Tom je prilikom lansiran međunarodni natječaj za umjetničke prijedloge koji bi se na neki način referirali na samu zgradu ili kontekst kada je izgrađena, ali i na medij filma kao mogući kanal kroz koji je ideja motela stigla u tadašnje jugoslavensko socijalističko društvo. Na temelju natječaja, sedam umjetnika i umjetnica pozvano je na višednevni studijski boravak u Splitu i Trogiru u lipnju, čime je otpočelo dugoročno umjetničko istraživanje, koje će biti predstavljeno u Milanu od…

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Wear gratitude like a cloak and it will feed every corner of your life

Footloose and Baggage Free

This morning I hopped and skipped my way to the Otogar to get a ticket to Istanbul. After three days of enforced bed rest because of a bout of ill health, it is glorious to be out in the open again. The storm clouds are gathering for yet another thunderstorm. The sun is playing hide and seek and there is a hint of the rain to come in the breeze.

I pass a group of bikers. They have their worldly possessions strapped on the back of their bikes and are at the supermarket stocking up on necessities. They look hungry and unwashed but happy and free. I have a strong urge to grab one of them by his scruffy collar and demand to know who paid for his trips. How did he afford to do this? Did someone leave him a large fortune? Did he not have a family?


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Sketching Concepts. a Tribute.


Hover. Grandma sat here, Grandma died, all things wither beneath the watchful eye. by ©Lauren Simonutti Hover. Grandma sat here, Grandma died, all things wither beneath the watchful eye.
by ©Lauren Simonutti

Some years ago, doing the editorial coordination for a great exhibition of Santiago Calatrava in Cultural Centre of Belém in Lisbon, I got in hands by the architect a massive pile of his sketches. Needless to say that I was fully amazed. You’re used to see final works from architects, painters, sculptures, and photographers, but most of the time we don’t have the idea on how it all started.

I remember to see the communication tower Calatrava did in Barcelona before and after I see the whole set of sketches he did for it, from the very beginning of a man communicating – embracing, till the last drawings. It can change completely the perception or reading of it. Next time you’ll see the communication tower in Barcelona, try to imagine a man embracing. You…

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